Erb's Tank Propane Tanks

Buy a refurbished or new propane tank and choose your price on fuel!

For your Home, Fishing Cabin or Farmstead: Propane Fuel

Independent living is more popular than ever. If you live in remote areas, electric or gas lines may not be an option. Propane fuel may be a necessity. Or, you can cut your contract with the gas companies by owning your own fuel tank. Get the lowest prices by comparing prices from suppliers.

Refurbished Tank Facts

Our tanks have been professionally serviced and refurbished.

New Valves Installed

Old valves are replaced by licensed technicians.

New Volume Gauges

Safely replaced by professionals.

Paint & Rust Removal

Tanks are blasted with #40 steel shot to remove all paint and rust.

Tests for Safety

Each tank is gauged with a metal pit gauge to determine if the tank is legal for rebuilding. Visually inspected for defects.

Data Plates

The manufacturers original data plates are cleaned and coated with a coat of marine varnish to protect them.

Paint Coat

Each tank is coated with a polyurethane enamel that was specifically formulated for our tanks.

Pressure Tested

Each tank is pressure tested with propane and treated with methanol.

New Domes

Each tanks is fitted with a brand new steel dome.

Refurbished Propane Tank Sizes

Refurbished tanks are all above ground models.

120 Gallon Tanks

Erb's Tank Propane Tanks
Erb's Tank Propane Tanks

250 Gallon Tanks

330 Gallon Tanks

Erb's Tank Propane Tanks

500 Gallon Tanks

1,000 Gallon Tanks

New Propane Tanks

We also sell new propane tanks! Available in 500 and 1,000 gallon above and under ground versions.

We offer Warranties on Tanks

We offer a one-year warranty on refurbished tanks and five years on new tanks.

Delivery Available in Ohio

We can deliver your tank – ask us about delivery fees. However, we do not offer installation.

We Stock Propane Tank Parts

Should you need parts for your tank, we stock valves, gaskets, gauges and regulators for repair and rebuilding tanks.

Price List

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