Manure Spreader Models

Our ground driven manure spreaders are a blast from the past, but fabricated with modern components for longevity and easy use.

The EZ Spreader Difference

EZ Spreaders are built with quality. They are designed to do their purpose with simplicity and efficiency, saving you time and money! We offer a 5-year guarantee on any defects.

All Spreader Models Include

Our manure spreaders are patterned after New Idea's original plans, with the following improvements.

Poly Plastic Floors and Steel Sides

We use durable tongue and grove poly plastic planks to make our sides and floors. They will not rot out as the old NI spreaders did.  Especially great for manure with a high moisture content.

T-rod Links

To promote a smoother running flow and longer lifetime, we use t-rod links in our web chains and roller chains. New Idea previously used a flat style.

Safety Features

In the interest of keeping everyone safe, we’ve added a standard safety guard and footstep for easier entering and exiting.

25 Bushel Spreaders

These little manure spreaders weigh only 500 lbs and can be drawn with either a horse, ATV or small tractor. Ideal for the backyard horse owner!

30 Bushel Spreaders

At 550lbs, our 30 bushel manure spreaders weigh only 50lbs more than our smallest size. Available in 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled configurations.

35 Bushel Spreaders

Our 35 bushel manure spreaders weigh in at 800lbs and come in 4- or 2-wheeled configurations.

55 Bushel Spreaders

At 1,500lbs, our 55 bushel manure spreader is a durable workhorse. We recommend using two horses or a ___ HP tractor to pull this model. Available only in 4-wheeled models.

75 Bushel Spreaders

Our largest and heaviest manure spreader, the 75 bushel model weighs in at 1,700lbs.