EZ75 - 75 Bushel Manure Spreader

Our largest model, the 75 bushel model is popular with our Amish farmers who haul manure on a daily basis.

A Heavy-duty Ground Driven Manure Spreader for Organic Farms and Dairies

The EZ75 spreader holds up to 75 bushels and is built for the professional farmer. This is a heavy built machine that can take the pound of every day use. We offer a 5-year guarantee on any defects.

Facts about the EZ75

Non-rusting or rotting Floor & Sides

We use poly plastic flooring and sides which don’t rot and also gives a smoother web flow.

Welded Frame

2 in x 1 1/2 in x 1/4 in structural angle frame

T-Rod Web

For durability and better performance.

Roller Chains on Web

Smoother, more efficient operation

Three Beater Design

For better shredding of compacted straw manure.

Footstep for easy entry and exit

For your safety

Corrosion Resistant Paint

Painted with a two-component epoxy primer and a urethane top coat. Gives your spreader a longer life!

Grease Lines

Easily accessible for maintenance.


We offer a 5-year guarantee on any defects.

EZ75 - Specifications & Capacity


75 Bushels | Approximately 93.3 cu Ft

Outside Dimensions

15 ft L x 6 ft W x 6 ft, 4 in H

Inside Dimensions

Inside Box
9 ft L x 37″ W x 21″ H


1,700 lbs (Empty)


Non-rotting Poly Plastic


Non-rotting Poly Plastic


Roller Chain


Bronze Bushing

Web Chain

3/8 in T-Rod

EZ75 Bushel Spreader Options

EZ5 Spreaders are available in four wheeled models only.

Litter Pan

Keeps the litter from spilling during transport. Gives a better spreading pattern when in the field.

Lime Attachment

Enables better spreading of chicken litter and composted manure. Lime?

EZ Spreader Lime Attachment
EZ Spreader Tailgate


Keeps liquid manure from spilling during transport.

Band Brake

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Wheels with Steel Cleats

Steel Wheels with Cleats

Popular with our Amish clients. No flat tires!

Bolted Rubber Wheels

Steel Wheels with Rubber

Steel wheels with bolted rubber. No flat tires!

Air Filled Tires

Pneumatic, Air Filled Tires


Forecarts for Horse-drawn Use

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Price List

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