How we became EZ Spreader

About Us

Like many family businesses, our story begins with one man who started out with a great idea. The next generations have expanded on that idea to come the EZ Spreader business we are today. Our story actually begins with the New Idea Company. New Idea was birthed in 1899 when Joseph Oppenheim created the first mechanical manure spreader in Maria Stein, Ohio, later moving the operations to Coldwater, Ohio.

The New Idea Manure Spreader

Originally, The New Idea Company was a huge enterprise with 20 acres under one roof. They built the best horse-drawn manure spreaders and made them longer than anyone else. But by 1963, even New Idea decided to join their counterparts and discontinue their faithful spreaders.

However, there were still a lot of New Idea spreaders in use on farms. The older models were beginning to wear out about the same time as the company ceased their operations. For about 10 years, New Idea kept parts in stock for repairs, but eventually they began to run of out of parts.


New Idea No. 206

Developing a Parts Supply

When New Idea stopped making parts, our original owner, Moses Erb, Sr., went to visit them in Coldwater. It was only 200 miles away and Mose was already a good customer. Mose had the idea that he could make his own parts to continue servicing New Idea's old manure spreaders. He ask New Idea if he could buy all the raw castings that were left and the company agreed. However, they declined his request to buy the patterns and dies. That meant Mose had to come up with his own. It required a significant investment in time and money, but that was the start of EZ Spreader in 1970. Mose, Sr. started out rebuilding spreaders and servicing parts for all the existing New Idea models and also specialized in parts and repairs for International #9 hay mowers (still a part of the company today.)

Building The First New Spreaders

In 1974, the first new 75 bushel EZ Spreader model rolled out of our shop. It was patterned after the old #10 New Idea spreader which was discontinued in 1970. Though it looked very much the same, there were some major differences and improvements.

We selected modern components that added longevity and allowed the implements to run smoother and more efficiently. In connecting the old platform to the new, our spreaders were basically a modernized version of the original New Idea.

EZ Spreader 75 Bushel

Accommodating Small Acreage Farming

As small farms were gradually phased out, we noticed there was still a need for manure spreaders for horse owners and hobby farmers who lived on just a few acres. In 1998, EZ Spreader began building 55 bushel, 35 bushel, 30 bushel and 25 bushel spreaders. Today, EZ Spreader Company is owned and operated by Moses Erb, Jr. who helped his dad in the shop since he was about 6 years old. You can rest assured that he knows his spreaders inside and out! The third generation now working in the business, and we are still striving to serve our customers with quality and satisfaction. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions – we are here to help you!

Meet The EZ Spreader Team

Moses Erb, Jr.

Owner and Manager
Hi, my name is Mose Erb Jr, I have a wife and 11 healthy children, 4 sons and 7 daughters. I am the owner of the family business and have been with it since I was 6 years old. My dad, Moses Erb, started the business in 1970 by rebuilding the old New Idea spreaders and making replacement parts for them. Then in 1974 he made the first new EZ 75bu. spreader, which is a built off of the old New Idea #10 model. In 1996 I bought the business from dad, we have made a lot of changes since then and now offer 5 different sizes, from a 75bu. to 25bu. Currently I have 2 of my sons, 2 of my daughters and 1 full-time outside working in the business. We have been very Blessed and give God the glory and honor for it all. In my spare time I enjoy to raise & train registered Morgan horses, deer hunting, fishing, and camping with my family. If you are in the area please stop in or call we would love to have a chat.

Edna Erb

Sales and Office Manager
My name is Edna Mae Erb, I have been with the family business for twelve years now. I am taking care of the Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Shipping end of business. I enjoy talking with people and getting to know them, you will usually see me at our booth setup at the show events that we go to through out the year. Some of the things I enjoy doing are gardening, cooking, reading books, hiking, traveling and exploring new places.

James Erb

Fabrication and Design
My name is James Erb, I have a wife and 4 children. I have helped dad in the business as a little boy, then when I was 18 I wanted to get some other experiences, so I got another job and went on in my life. In April of 2019, I made a decision to come back and work full time in the family business. My responsibilities include running the manufacturing part of the business, also help with loading and unloading trucks. I enjoy talking with customers and helping them with their needs. Things I enjoy doing in my spare time are working with horses, fishing and camping with my family and being in God’s nature. I love to Dream!

Wayne Shrock

Repairs and Assembly
My name is Wayne Schrock, I started working at EZ Spreader in June of 2016. Since then I’ve done a lot of welding, repair work on farm machinery, etc. But mostly I assemble the New EZ Spreaders. I enjoy working at home on our farm, driving horses, going to Draft Horse Sales and reading. Also enjoy traveling and sightseeing with my wife and family.

Dean Erb

Painting and Coating
My name is Dean Erb, I have helped my dad here in the shop since I was a little boy. It’s about two years now since I started working full time for him. I am the painter, which I enjoy doing. We have a spray paint system, where I paint the spreader frames and parts with an epoxy primer and a urethane top coat. I also help with odds and ends jobs. In my spare time, I like to work with horses, take my beagle dog, Frisky, on a rabbit hunt, or go fishing on the lake.

Rosetta Erb

Accounts Receivable & Payable
My name is Rosetta Erb, I have been with the business for two years, part time. I take care of the Accounts Receivables and Payables, also help with cleaning a keeping things organized in the office. Things I enjoy doing in my spare time are painting and riding horses.